Artist Statement
Working in the functional realm, my current work reflects the curves and movement inspired by the human figure. The softness of form in hand, manipulated edges combined with intense contrasting values push creative boundaries. The cascading of the glaze accentuates these forms emphasizing the gravity of the fluid glaze.​​​​​​​
Victoria Keller grew up outside of Washington, Missouri. This rural atmosphere allowed her imagination and love of the arts to soar. The woods behind her childhood home served as Victoria’s stage to fight monsters, and her mother’s garden acted as her royal palace. She primarily worked with darkroom photography centered around abstract portraiture, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Fontbonne University. Victoria is refocusing her art in ceramics at the same institution. Her ceramic art emulates both the curves of the human figure and the softness of the clay in its raw form, her glaze work continues to show her love of high contrast and abstract imagery.
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